New Product Idea?

New Product Idea?

To contact Diamond Sports regarding new product idea, please carefully read the submission process below and make sure to fulfill all requirements prior to sending in your submission and materials. Incomplete submissions will not be reviewed or responded to.

Diamond Sports New Product Submission Process

From time to time, Diamond Sports will review new product ideas for possible purchase or licensing rights. If you fulfill the requirements below and are interested in Diamond Sports leading manufacturing, distribution and sales abilities, we are ready for your future product.

Requirements to be included in email: (copy and paste #1-6 into email and reply to each item. There is an email link below.)

  1. Are you willing to sign Diamond Sports Non-Disclosure Agreement only. (Diamond will not sign inventors' NDA.)
  2. Explanation of your product  including:
    1. what aspect is its intended use?
    2. how does it work?
    3. what materials are being used to develop product?
    4. what market do you see the product best suited for?
    5. why is your product different from other similar products on the market (if there are any similar products)?
    6. why will consumers want your product?
  3. Attach drawings or photos of your product (photos to be hi-res, 1 MB or more )
  4. Attach any material or media kit.
  5. Include your contact information including Name, Address, Phone Number and email address.
  6. Patent number or status of your patent if any

Diamond Sports will contact you with a response in 4-6 weeks. Diamond will either decide to go further in the New Product Idea process or choose to not to proceed with your New Product Idea.

Additional Information you'll want and need to know:


Submit your Product

You can submit the information by: EMAIL HERE