Send us your favorite baseball/softball photos of yourself or your team to enter our photo contest. Be featured on our website and have a chance to win a prize and/or appear in our next catalog. You may also submit a quote telling us about your favorite Diamond products or what you like about Diamond. See details below. To enter, simply fill out the form below, print and mail it to:

Diamond Sports  Attn: Photo Contest  11130 Warland Drive  Cypress CA  90630 or email your signed form and photo to: Community Relations Department along with your photo(s) attached, quote(s), signature.  Note, photo(s) will not be returned. Please email us at Community Relations if you have any questions

Authorization Form: Part A

Items included (please check all that apply):

Quote: Tell us about your favorite Diamond proudct(s) or what you like about Diamond:

If submitting quotes, please sign here. Please sign using a blue or black pen and stay within the red box:



Part B:  This form serves as unlimited Authorization for Diamond Sports to reprint the photographs, quotes and signature included with this form in its catalogs, website, advertising, promotional materials, packaging, etc.  By signing this Authorization form:
1.  I confirm I have the authority to authorize use of the photographs, quotes and/or signature enclosed  and that there is no violation of organizational rules.
I agree, to fully indemnify Diamond Sports and its owners & employees from any claims arising from Diamond Sports' reprinting any of the supplied photographs, quotes and/or signature and  I release Diamond Sports from any liability, loss, damages and/or costs, including but no limited to legal fees, with respect to the photographs, quotes and/or signature.
3.  I understand that the photograph(s) may be modified (for clarity, to remove trademarked logos, etc.) and will not be returned.

Signature (required): _______________________________________________ Date: _____________________
________________ If the person in the picture  is a Minor, Parent or Guardian Must Sign Below:
I, the undersigned, being parent of guardian of the minor whose name appears above hereby consent to the foregoing conditions &  warrant that I have
authority to give such consent.

Signature (required): ______________________________________________   Date: _____________________
Print Name:  ________________________________________         Minors Name (Print):    ____________________________________________
Note:  All submissions will automatically be disregarded if required Signatures are missing in Part B.


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